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I need to start cleaning up the cabinets today. This is probably going to be a several-days project, because there are a lot of them on the other two sides of the kitchen as well. Empty them out, tear out the contact paper, and give them all a good scrub.

Except for the top shelves of the top cabinets. I'm not supposed to do those, because I'm short and can't reach them, and if I try climbing up on these barstools my mum has in lieu of kitchen chairs, stuff will get broken. So we're doing those on a day when my mum's home and not exhausted.

I plan on starting around 2pm, after I've done a bit of writing. I got an update for How to Train etc up last night, and now I'm about to flip a coin to see whether I work on my Camp NaNo project, or my Norse Big Bang project.

Last night, while being infuriated by the fic I've been reading, I decided I'm going to be a complete masochist and read as much Darcy/Loki fic as I can find. There is some good stuff out there, but on the whole, it's... not very good. So I'm going to find all the good stuff and make a rec list. I bid adieu to my sanity, and expect this project will probably kill me.
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Unexpected day to myself

Yesterday, while we were going through the cupboards and finding a bunch of stuff my mum had forgotten she even had, we decided that today was going to be spent pulling everything out of all of the cupboards, giving the insides a good scrubbing, and laying new contact paper. Because it's been a while.

My mum's decided that she doesn't want to do that today. She's gone down to get the new contact paper, so I can do it tomorrow while she's at work. I guess after two solid days of manual labour, she's done. Which is good, because I was done early yesterday. So while she putters about outside, doing whatever she does to keep herself busy, I'm gonna try to get some writing done. I've almost got an update for my Loki/Darcy fic ready, and then I'm gonna do a coin toss over whether I work on my Norse Big Bang fic, or my Camp NaNo project.

On a ficcish front, I've been trying to do more reading lately. I don't read fic anymore, mostly because I hate reading at my computer, and my phone is evil. I used to read on my netbook, before it went kablooey, and then kind of stopped after that, because trying to read fic on an iPhone is an exercise in migraine-having. So earlier today, I went across the street to Best Buy to look at eReaders, and found a refurbished Android Tablet for $30. I've wanted one for ages, so now I finally have one. Yay!

Since it's not just an eReader, and a full-on tablet, I'm gonna look into the best way to write with that as well. I'm not overly thrilled with Gdocs, but if it works, it works. We'll see. Also, I'm gonna see if it has any apps that'll work for letting me do my embroidery away from my computer. Basically, everything I do makes me stuck to this thing, and sometimes, I want to go somewhere else. Maybe I can, now.
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I have a huge hole in my hand, given to me by a polesaw. Earlier today, I got conscripted into helping fix this mangled up old tree in the back yard, which is mangled because once upon a time, it was a plum tree and an apple tree, but now it is some horrible, fused-together plum-apple bastard. It makes horrible, inedible fruit, and has three times in the last month decided that it no longer wants to hold its own branches up.

It looks really cool, but it is a complete pain-in-the-ass tree.

And not only did my mother drop a very large branch on my face, leaving me all cut up and irritated, but the cord on the polesaw slipped and tore a very large piece of my hand away. So I'm sitting here, unable to really use a few fingers on my left hand at all, because the bandaging gets in the way of bending. (I'm absolutely fine, and was never in any real danger of losing any fingers, even if it did seem like it for the first few seconds. It's just a very bad, very deep rope burn.)

The most interesting part was when we gave up on the polesaw and the branch cutter and got out the chainsaw. It seemed like for every branch that needed to go before it broke on its own, we had to cut down two more because it was all a tangled mess. Eventually, we got bored with this, and decided to find a chain and pull everything down with the lawn mower. Which worked great, until the mower ran out of petrol. We may have stolen some from one of the race cars in the garage, shh.

And now Grant is annoyed, because for the third time in a month, there's a massive pile of branches that needs to be throwin into the wood chipper. Which, I'd say is preferable to having them break on their own and falling on the lodgers in the back yard.

In other news, I found my glasses last night. Grant had taken them, which meant we were both miserable and blind all day. Whee!
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I'm feeling much better now

But my brother is a dick and tried to kill me last night. We went out to a birthday party last night, and it was at a place my brother goes to all the time. So we're sitting there, with our party of nine (plus a baby), waiting for a table, and Terry goes, "Do you want a bucket of rum?"

And I was so confused and intrigued by this question, that I said yes. Despite having a piece of chicken for breakfast, and nothing else all day. And yeah. I was given an actual sandcastle bucket, complete with shovel, full of rum. And it was delicious. And I knew that this was going to turn into a drinking night, so when the breadsticks came, I had a bunch of those. Because all that rum on an empty stomach would have been really stupid.

When our buckets ran dry, Terry decided that I needed something called a Godzilla. Which came in a 1.5 pint glass, and was bright pink. It was also delicious, but I did not realise until after that it was almost entirely vodka, with some fruity juice to hide the fact that it was almost entirely vodka. So, all that + a million breadsticks + a personal pan pizza = very unhappy me by the end of the evening. I was fine, as long as I didn't have to stand, so while everyone was deciding on whether or not we actually wanted to go, I was sat on the curb in the car park, being annoyed at being tricked into that much vodka.

Going home was pretty uneventful, since it was all freeway driving, and thus fairly smooth. Until we got off the freeway, and had to deal with speed bumps and crap. And that was when I demanded to be let out in a Home Depot car park, because I was absolutely convinced I was going to puke. I sat down on another curb, and luckily did not puke, but it was kind of rough for a few minutes. When I started to walk home a few minutes later, I found my mum walking out to find me, to make sure I wasn't dead or something.

When I'd got out of the car, I just kind of handed everything to my mum. Leftover pizza box, rum bucket, the napkin I'd accidentally stolen, my hat, and my glasses. Getting home in the dark without my glasses was interesting, but I had such a roaring headache that I didn't even want to wear them. So I came home, set up camp on the sofa, and stayed there all night. My mum kept teasing me, asking if I wanted cake and ice cream, and then laughing when I'd tell her to go away.

This morning, I got up, decided that a fitted shirt and vaguely uncomfortable pants suck, so I precariously went upstairs and changed into my pyjamas. Then I came into the kitchen and found my rum bucket and napkin in the sink. I grabbed my pizza out of the fridge, put on my hat, and... my glasses are nowhere to be found. My mother's not responding to my emails, so I'm not sure if she put them in her handbag, or if they're still in the car, or where they are. I'm hoping they're somewhere, in one piece, because I don't want to order a new pair. I like that pair.

Also, if I have to leave the house to go babysit today, like I was told I may wind up having to do, it's really going to suck without my glasses.
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I've been thinking more about cloud storage lately, in the wake of Rob's computer crashing at the most inconvenient time ever. Mostly, I'm concerned about all my comics and my writing.

Gdocs is probably the best place to store both, since it can do folders and tags and all sorts of stuff. But it's also only 15GB. Which is fine for my writing, but I have about 200GB of comics.

I do have about a million Gmail accounts, because of reasons. I suppose I could utilise all of them, but augh. They also have larger packages, for a fee, but hmm. That's like, disposable income territory, and that's something I don't have at the moment. Also, with the way Scrivener handles files, it might make an even bigger mess of my stuff than it's already in.

Basically, everything is a mess, and I just don't know.
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I'm right now staying in my mum's attic, since I have nowhere else to be. She decided she wanted to go up there and organise stuff as best she could, so I went up ahead of her to move my stuff out of the way as best I could.

She went up, and then came back down about thirty seconds later and said, "Fuck it, I'll do it later."

Apparently she's going to wait until I've moved out to organise up there lol.
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AO3 needs forums

It drives me nuts that they don't have them. They say that coding and moderation teams are why they don't have them, but I'm not really sure I buy into that. Coding, sure. AO3's coding is kind of a mess. But if they attached the forums to collections and let comments be flagged for inappropriateness, there wouldn't be much moderation to be had. FFN has forums, and it doesn't explode.

But man, AO3 could be the perfect fandom place if it just had an area for proper discussion.

Does anyone know how to do this sort of coding? I'm seriously about to start a campaign to get forums on AO3.