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21 July 2014 @ 11:27 am

I need to start cleaning up the cabinets today. This is probably going to be a several-days project, because there are a lot of them on the other two sides of the kitchen as well. Empty them out, tear out the contact paper, and give them all a good scrub.

Except for the top shelves of the top cabinets. I'm not supposed to do those, because I'm short and can't reach them, and if I try climbing up on these barstools my mum has in lieu of kitchen chairs, stuff will get broken. So we're doing those on a day when my mum's home and not exhausted.

I plan on starting around 2pm, after I've done a bit of writing. I got an update for How to Train etc up last night, and now I'm about to flip a coin to see whether I work on my Camp NaNo project, or my Norse Big Bang project.

Last night, while being infuriated by the fic I've been reading, I decided I'm going to be a complete masochist and read as much Darcy/Loki fic as I can find. There is some good stuff out there, but on the whole, it's... not very good. So I'm going to find all the good stuff and make a rec list. I bid adieu to my sanity, and expect this project will probably kill me.
20 July 2014 @ 12:59 pm
Yesterday, while we were going through the cupboards and finding a bunch of stuff my mum had forgotten she even had, we decided that today was going to be spent pulling everything out of all of the cupboards, giving the insides a good scrubbing, and laying new contact paper. Because it's been a while.

My mum's decided that she doesn't want to do that today. She's gone down to get the new contact paper, so I can do it tomorrow while she's at work. I guess after two solid days of manual labour, she's done. Which is good, because I was done early yesterday. So while she putters about outside, doing whatever she does to keep herself busy, I'm gonna try to get some writing done. I've almost got an update for my Loki/Darcy fic ready, and then I'm gonna do a coin toss over whether I work on my Norse Big Bang fic, or my Camp NaNo project.

On a ficcish front, I've been trying to do more reading lately. I don't read fic anymore, mostly because I hate reading at my computer, and my phone is evil. I used to read on my netbook, before it went kablooey, and then kind of stopped after that, because trying to read fic on an iPhone is an exercise in migraine-having. So earlier today, I went across the street to Best Buy to look at eReaders, and found a refurbished Android Tablet for $30. I've wanted one for ages, so now I finally have one. Yay!

Since it's not just an eReader, and a full-on tablet, I'm gonna look into the best way to write with that as well. I'm not overly thrilled with Gdocs, but if it works, it works. We'll see. Also, I'm gonna see if it has any apps that'll work for letting me do my embroidery away from my computer. Basically, everything I do makes me stuck to this thing, and sometimes, I want to go somewhere else. Maybe I can, now.
18 July 2014 @ 07:17 pm
Let us see if this works.
18 July 2014 @ 07:09 pm
I have a huge hole in my hand, given to me by a polesaw. Earlier today, I got conscripted into helping fix this mangled up old tree in the back yard, which is mangled because once upon a time, it was a plum tree and an apple tree, but now it is some horrible, fused-together plum-apple bastard. It makes horrible, inedible fruit, and has three times in the last month decided that it no longer wants to hold its own branches up.

It looks really cool, but it is a complete pain-in-the-ass tree.

And not only did my mother drop a very large branch on my face, leaving me all cut up and irritated, but the cord on the polesaw slipped and tore a very large piece of my hand away. So I'm sitting here, unable to really use a few fingers on my left hand at all, because the bandaging gets in the way of bending. (I'm absolutely fine, and was never in any real danger of losing any fingers, even if it did seem like it for the first few seconds. It's just a very bad, very deep rope burn.)

The most interesting part was when we gave up on the polesaw and the branch cutter and got out the chainsaw. It seemed like for every branch that needed to go before it broke on its own, we had to cut down two more because it was all a tangled mess. Eventually, we got bored with this, and decided to find a chain and pull everything down with the lawn mower. Which worked great, until the mower ran out of petrol. We may have stolen some from one of the race cars in the garage, shh.

And now Grant is annoyed, because for the third time in a month, there's a massive pile of branches that needs to be throwin into the wood chipper. Which, I'd say is preferable to having them break on their own and falling on the lodgers in the back yard.

In other news, I found my glasses last night. Grant had taken them, which meant we were both miserable and blind all day. Whee!
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17 July 2014 @ 12:16 pm
But my brother is a dick and tried to kill me last night. We went out to a birthday party last night, and it was at a place my brother goes to all the time. So we're sitting there, with our party of nine (plus a baby), waiting for a table, and Terry goes, "Do you want a bucket of rum?"

And I was so confused and intrigued by this question, that I said yes. Despite having a piece of chicken for breakfast, and nothing else all day. And yeah. I was given an actual sandcastle bucket, complete with shovel, full of rum. And it was delicious. And I knew that this was going to turn into a drinking night, so when the breadsticks came, I had a bunch of those. Because all that rum on an empty stomach would have been really stupid.

When our buckets ran dry, Terry decided that I needed something called a Godzilla. Which came in a 1.5 pint glass, and was bright pink. It was also delicious, but I did not realise until after that it was almost entirely vodka, with some fruity juice to hide the fact that it was almost entirely vodka. So, all that + a million breadsticks + a personal pan pizza = very unhappy me by the end of the evening. I was fine, as long as I didn't have to stand, so while everyone was deciding on whether or not we actually wanted to go, I was sat on the curb in the car park, being annoyed at being tricked into that much vodka.

Going home was pretty uneventful, since it was all freeway driving, and thus fairly smooth. Until we got off the freeway, and had to deal with speed bumps and crap. And that was when I demanded to be let out in a Home Depot car park, because I was absolutely convinced I was going to puke. I sat down on another curb, and luckily did not puke, but it was kind of rough for a few minutes. When I started to walk home a few minutes later, I found my mum walking out to find me, to make sure I wasn't dead or something.

When I'd got out of the car, I just kind of handed everything to my mum. Leftover pizza box, rum bucket, the napkin I'd accidentally stolen, my hat, and my glasses. Getting home in the dark without my glasses was interesting, but I had such a roaring headache that I didn't even want to wear them. So I came home, set up camp on the sofa, and stayed there all night. My mum kept teasing me, asking if I wanted cake and ice cream, and then laughing when I'd tell her to go away.

This morning, I got up, decided that a fitted shirt and vaguely uncomfortable pants suck, so I precariously went upstairs and changed into my pyjamas. Then I came into the kitchen and found my rum bucket and napkin in the sink. I grabbed my pizza out of the fridge, put on my hat, and... my glasses are nowhere to be found. My mother's not responding to my emails, so I'm not sure if she put them in her handbag, or if they're still in the car, or where they are. I'm hoping they're somewhere, in one piece, because I don't want to order a new pair. I like that pair.

Also, if I have to leave the house to go babysit today, like I was told I may wind up having to do, it's really going to suck without my glasses.
15 July 2014 @ 02:06 pm
I've been thinking more about cloud storage lately, in the wake of Rob's computer crashing at the most inconvenient time ever. Mostly, I'm concerned about all my comics and my writing.

Gdocs is probably the best place to store both, since it can do folders and tags and all sorts of stuff. But it's also only 15GB. Which is fine for my writing, but I have about 200GB of comics.

I do have about a million Gmail accounts, because of reasons. I suppose I could utilise all of them, but augh. They also have larger packages, for a fee, but hmm. That's like, disposable income territory, and that's something I don't have at the moment. Also, with the way Scrivener handles files, it might make an even bigger mess of my stuff than it's already in.

Basically, everything is a mess, and I just don't know.
14 July 2014 @ 06:42 pm
Because I absolutely fail at writing without some sort of an audience, I think I'm going to start posting stuff under a filter, for feedback and such.

If you want on the filter, let me know.
13 July 2014 @ 08:31 pm
Hello, people on the latest things page! How are you?
13 July 2014 @ 02:45 pm
I'm right now staying in my mum's attic, since I have nowhere else to be. She decided she wanted to go up there and organise stuff as best she could, so I went up ahead of her to move my stuff out of the way as best I could.

She went up, and then came back down about thirty seconds later and said, "Fuck it, I'll do it later."

Apparently she's going to wait until I've moved out to organise up there lol.
13 July 2014 @ 12:07 pm
It drives me nuts that they don't have them. They say that coding and moderation teams are why they don't have them, but I'm not really sure I buy into that. Coding, sure. AO3's coding is kind of a mess. But if they attached the forums to collections and let comments be flagged for inappropriateness, there wouldn't be much moderation to be had. FFN has forums, and it doesn't explode.

But man, AO3 could be the perfect fandom place if it just had an area for proper discussion.

Does anyone know how to do this sort of coding? I'm seriously about to start a campaign to get forums on AO3.
12 July 2014 @ 04:41 pm
I went through my big list in my sticky, and realised that the vast majority of those communities haven't been updated in years. Some of them are completely empty. In fact, the only ones that seem to be active at all are the Ultimate Spider-man comms, one of the Avengers comms, and a Captain America comm. Out of all that. It makes me sad.

I've made two new ones, with the intent to have weekly round-up and discussion posts.

[community profile] norse_marvel and [community profile] marvel_multiverse. The first is for Thor, the second is for all of Marvel. If you're a Marvel fan, join and participate. Activity breeds activity, so let's get this started!
21 February 2014 @ 02:31 pm
My father in law is on a low-sodium diet, so all of the snacks and most of the meals in the house are no/low-salt.

I have low blood pressure, and have been recommended a higher sodium intake. Which is difficult to manage, since my father-in-law has fucking no self-control, and will eat any damn thing that comes into the house, even if it's labelled as specifically for me. I do sometimes hoard food in our bedroom, but it's difficult since you can really only do that with stuff that keeps.

The culmination of all of this was damn nearly blacking out trying to get out of the bath a little bit ago. It wasn't even that hot of a bath, but that was apparently too much, because as soon as I stood up, everything went very squidgy. I get that swimmy head thing, my ears plug up, and I can't breathe, and if I'm not careful, I will have a tumble. It's not pleasant.

I've told Robin Hood that I'm making a specific request for regular salty crackers and cheese-its and things, just so I have something to snack on when I need it.

14 February 2014 @ 02:57 pm
We had our vision appointments today. Robin Hood's change in prescription is apparently so minimal that it's not even worth getting new lenses, so there's the one plus of the day.

Mine, on the other hand, is hilariously complicated. And by hilarious, I mean I'd rather sit on a cactus. They can only offer minimal correction. My eyes are fine, save for a slight astigmatism. Which doesn't explain why I can't see a damn thing. He tested for higher correction, but anything above what he gave me actively makes it worse. It's one of two things. Either my eyes are just over-strained from not having glasses for so long (unlikely), or there is a problem with the optic nerve in my right eye. Guess which one he thinks it is. We're going to try the lenses, and if that helps, fine. If not, I get to go in for some specialised testing. And if that comes back saying what he thinks it will, oh god, I cannot afford this crap. This actually scares me. I've always thought my problem was just cheap insurance and crap exams, but the fact that it might actually be something serious is kind of terrifying. I'm so sick of being blind. I'm so sick of headaches. Argh.

So, there's that. But it gets better. Because on our way home, we got rear-ended by an idiot. We were sitting at a red light, as you do. And the woman behind us, in her huge SUV, saw the lane NEXT TO US start to go, so she hit the gas. While we were still waiting on the cars in front of us. Our lane had not moved, because several cars ahead, someone had stalled. I've got the biggest damn bruise across my arm, and this is exactly why I wear my seatbelt low. The last time this happened, I wound up with the biggest damn bruise across my neck. Because I am a shortarse, and safety belts are not very safe if you're much shorter than about 5'9". At least, they weren't in the 90s. Now they're adjustable, so yay for that.

Whatever. This day is fired.
09 February 2014 @ 07:19 pm
Well, I was going to get some writing done today, until the router got unplugged and we got kicked out of anywhere that isn't the bedroom. Again. This is the third day in a row.

I understand he has to work from home. The roads are terrifying right now. I don't understand why he can't treat us like adults.

He didn't even tell us when he was done an hour ago, and never bothered plugging the router in until a few minutes ago. We only found out he was done because he started banging around in the kitchen, pissed off that I hadn't made dinner yet. On top of that, he cleaned out the freezer of the last of the stuff that I can eat, leaving behind everything that I'm allergic to.

Robin Hood had words with him about this, and his response was that I should have got to it faster, because it's "first come, first serve" here. One, fuck him, and two, faster than what? The shopping was just done YESTERDAY.

And now there's no fuckin point in even making dinner right now, unless I feel like making it just for myself. Which I don't. So whatever. I'll just sit here and be hungry until he goes to bed, and then I'll find something I can actually eat. Woo, pasta again for me.
25 January 2014 @ 02:12 am
ETA: I've just noticed that for whatever reason, Daimon Hellstrom/Loki is no longer on my actual sign-up. Had I noticed that sooner, I'd have been able to do something about it going missing. Since I did not notice it until now, I've removed that part of this letter.

I'm doing like, three exchanges at once right now. Sorry, F-list.

I had a really hard time with this one, because I didn't expect Marvel Comics to all get grouped in together. I had to go scramble to find something else to request, but luckily there were a few things I recognised. In the interest of keeping the comics and the MCU separate, I've actually requested different ships for each. I almost included the same one twice, but I took it off at the last second. I don't have very many requests at all, but hopefully something here sparks some ideas. Some of these prompts are being copied over from my Beyond Panels letter, but most of them are unique to this exchange. They just happened to have a couple of the same things nominated, so why not.

I've got a lot of Loki here, but there are a couple others listed as well.

Marvel ComicsCollapse )

Marvel Cinematic UniverseCollapse )

Sherlock BBCCollapse )
13 January 2014 @ 03:49 am
I have not been sleeping at all lately. I go to bed, and then just lie awake until about 8am, when I finally start to drift off, only to be awake again by midday.

I will probably not be answering any emails until later in the evening tomorrow (today? Whatever. The 13th), because I am going to take some pills and sleep all fucking day. If you need to get hold of me for the remix, just hang tight. I'm not ignoring you; I'm just exhausted.
09 January 2014 @ 11:01 pm
I'm sorry in advance, but I'm gonna be That Guy in this exchange. I hope you like Norse trickster gods, and didn't get paired with me through some system error.

I like Loki on the chaotic neutral side of things, as much as possible. Kind of a brat, with more energy than the Energiser Bunny on speed. A little bit of existential meebling here and there is fine, but the less-likey he is to collapse under the weight of his own drama, the better I think (ignore my totally ironic icon!). I like him best when he fights his own battles and does things because that's what he wants to do. Or because that's what he thinks needs to be done. He's crafty, he's funny, and you'd probably have to cut off his hand to get his phone from him. He's also a fighter, and can be absolutely bad-ass when he needs to be. Even Kid Loki knows parkour, apparently.

The Mighty ThorCollapse )

Journey into MysteryCollapse )

Young AvengersCollapse )

Loki: Agent of AsgardCollapse )
08 January 2014 @ 02:28 pm
SO excited for this now. Just read the preview, and yes. I need this title in my life. I was very worried, after the huge let-down that YA turned into at the end, but the preview got me all excited again.
07 January 2014 @ 01:12 pm
Woke up this morning to the sound of screeching tyres outside my window. That was a totally unpleasant way to wake up. I managed to sit up and look out my window in time to see the car in question stopped right on the road outside, and then squeal off again. There was nothing else around, and they were kind of off to the shoulder, so idek. Freaked me out, though. I hate starting the day freaked out.

Papa Bear went out, and I was hoping he'd be gone all day, but apparently it was just to get coffee. Because $4 a day on coffee is totally a valid expense, but better internet is a waste of money. Whatever. Soon as he got home, something pissed him off though, and it was all the banging around and swearing. I'm on dinner duty tonight and I'm just... nnnn. I might play sick today, and just have him make himself a sandwich or something.

Last night, while I was messing around in front of the mirror, trying to decide if I want to go for round two of peroxide-bleaching my hair, I found a little bit of grey up there. I asked Robin Hood if he felt better about me finally catching up to him (his beard is almost completely silver, and what he's got left on his head is slowly going that way as well), and he just grumbled and walked away. I'm probably gonna go for round two, though. Since I dyed it black for Halloween, I'm starting to get this really neat banding of black, and then kind of orange where I bleached it last time, and a darker, gingery-brown that's my natural colour. Maybe if I do it once a month, I can get something interesting going.
06 January 2014 @ 12:36 am

Beyond Panels: A Comics Fanwork Exchange
fic & art | all comics welcome
nominations Jan 10 | sign-ups Jan 21
A03 | LJ | DW

04 January 2014 @ 08:40 pm
I so rarely get days to myself, and it's driving me nuts. I was supposed to get three this week, but then Papa Bear called off from work, so Robin Hood stayed home so I didn't freak out. And he's right. I tried to be a big man about it, and told him he could leave if he wanted, but I would have totally freaked out. Now I'm just sort of enjoying loud music and flygande Jakob that I made just for me. I think Robin Hood is getting home later today, and he can have some if he wants, but it's just really nice to be able to cook what I want to cook and not have to deal with anyone else complaining about it. It's even better than spite-cooking, which I may have been known to do in the past.

There are ten people signed up for the Remix, with still just under a week left. I'm really hoping to get at least 15, but if I could double last year's number and hit 20, I would be over the moon. Go sign up!

I also managed to purchase my Marvel Unlimited account last night, for my blog. I'm still building the reading list, and have 1000 books on it so far. That very well may wind up doubling, at the rate I'm going. But it will be so worth it, I think. There are some titles Marvel Unlimited doesn't have, and that will cause some kinks in my plans, but hopefully I can find them/Marvel adds them by the time I get there. I mean, I'm going to be reading the entire Norse side of Marvel. Even Ultimates, even though I'm so meh on Ultimates, but maybe it'll grow on me. Or maybe it'll just wind up on the WTF side of the blog.
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03 January 2014 @ 09:28 pm
I have a few. Get the hell out of this house, for one. Cook every Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time recipe as well.

I also want to write 1000 words a day. Or at least average 1000 words a day. This will be an epic, year-long NaNo, I think. Only I can write whatever the hell I want, for as many projects as I want. I've already got a few going, so at least I've got a start.

Current standings:

12726 / 365000
02 January 2014 @ 02:38 am
2014 is here! Now to constantly have to re-write the date on every form I ever fill out, until I finally get the hang of it around mid-february.

This year had better not suck as badly as 2013 did, or I will choke something.
29 December 2013 @ 12:05 am
I am attempting to reproduce, in cross-stitch, a panel from Trials of Loki. Specifically, the one my current icon is from.It's going to take forever, and I'm hoping it'll look really cool when it's done. Or it might just be a terrible mistake. IDK.

26 December 2013 @ 02:57 am
Happy Christmas, for those who celebrate.

Some time this week, I need to go down and get one of those pre-paid Visa cards. One of my plans for the new year is to embark on a massive reading project, with the help of Marvel Unlimited. I'd been sort of reading through Thor and Journey into Mystery titles, posting some of the best bits, but I only have Thor and Journey into Mystery, and even then not a complete set.

But I've decided to read everything with Norse characters in. Or at least everything I can verify as having them in. Putting together a reading list has been the biggest pain in the ass, especially since my internet sucks so hard right now.

The only thing I can't decide on is if I should get the $70 subscription, which is a bigger chunk out of what money I have, but guaranteed through the year, or the $10/month subscription, which is lighter immediately, but likely to lapse. I'm going to wait until our internet unarses itself before doing anything though. There is no way I can even start with it behaving as it is lately.
22 December 2013 @ 12:42 am
So, Robin Hood and I signed up for state healthcare this week, because that's important shit to have. We've both been out of work forever, which makes everything tricky, and even with state healthcare, I was pretty sure we wouldn't wind up using it at all because we'd get buried in co-pay expenses.

And then we got the benefits packet in the post today. There are no co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses for covered services. And while there are a bunch of excluded services, it's all stuff like fertility treatment and tattoo removal and alternative medicine. I have to look into this further, but dang. Thank you, Obamacare.
18 December 2013 @ 02:33 am
I'm so sick of having plans for dinner, only to get cockblocked by people making other plans at the last minute.

I actually made dinner out of spite tonight. Somehow, the fact that other plans had been made only made it better. If they don't want to tell me that the menu is actually going to be taco soup that was brought in from somewhere else, then fine. More delicious meatballs for me.
16 December 2013 @ 05:33 am
I'm considering starting up a drawer fic meme. Similar to a kinkmeme, but without the prompts. Just a place to post your snippets, WIPs, and other things you don't really want to put up on AO3 or your fic journals or whatever. Plotbunnies that went nowhere, whatever.

We'll see.
10 December 2013 @ 08:50 pm
Usually you hear people bemoaning Mondays, or occasionally Thursdays, but Tuesdays are the days I hate. I'm stuck in my room all day, home alone save my father-in-law. I'm back in high school, I swear — hiding all day because the thought of going anywhere else in the house terrifies me. Mother-in-law's at work all day, and Robin Hood goes off to whatever it is he does on Tuesdays. IDEK, because no-one ever tells me anything. And I'm stuck at home, wondering if I can sneak out and find some lunch without having to be in the same part of the house as my father-in-law.

I need to start stashing stuff away back here, because this sucks.
05 December 2013 @ 03:54 am
So, Young Avengers today. Oh, boy!

Spoilers ahoy!Collapse )
05 December 2013 @ 03:54 am
So, Young Avengers today. Oh, boy!

Spoilers ahoy!Collapse )
02 December 2013 @ 10:33 am
It would go down seconds after I submitted a chapter to my WIP I've been working on for centuries. Apologies to anyone who tried to get there and couldn't. I don't know why I'm apologising, since it's not my fault, but sorry all the same.

Speaking of AO3, there's a really interesting conversation happening on FFA right now about bookmarks and notifications. While most people seem to know and accept that bookmarks on fics and series aren't meant for the author, which is why there are no notifications for them, a few people seem to be having a really difficult time accepting this. I mean, I get that it's kind of weird that this is their stance, but they also don't notify you about subscribers either. That actually bothers me more than not being notified about bookmarks. I want to know when people like my stuff well enough to start getting email updates, since subscribers are, I think, the best indication of whether you're doing something right. Comments could be flames, and bookmarks could be anti-recs, but kudos and subscribers pretty much only go one way.

Unless you hate something so much that you're hate-following it, but if that's the case, dang. I think you need a new hobby.
02 December 2013 @ 10:13 am
It would go down seconds after I submitted a chapter to my WIP I've been working on for centuries. Apologies to anyone who tried to get there and couldn't. I don't know why I'm apologising, since it's not my fault, but sorry all the same.

Speaking of AO3, there's a really interesting conversation happening on FFA right now about bookmarks and notifications. While most people seem to know and accept that bookmarks on fics and series aren't meant for the author, which is why there are no notifications for them, a few people seem to be having a really difficult time accepting this. I mean, I get that it's kind of weird that this is their stance, but they also don't notify you about subscribers either. That actually bothers me more than not being notified about bookmarks. I want to know when people like my stuff well enough to start getting email updates, since subscribers are, I think, the best indication of whether you're doing something right. Comments could be flames, and bookmarks could be anti-recs, but kudos and subscribers pretty much only go one way.

Unless you hate something so much that you're hate-following it, but if that's the case, dang. I think you need a new hobby.
01 December 2013 @ 03:38 am
I've just spent, like, the last hour setting up RSS feeds for both LJ and DW. Pretty much now, as long as posts aren't F-locked, I'll get them sent to my email client. For those that are F-locked, I'll have to remember to check more often, I guess.
28 November 2013 @ 01:36 pm
I am better than I think I am at that language I am learning.

A couple of months ago, I tried to make a recipe I found online. It didn't go particularly well, because the recipe was in Swedish (well, mostly Swedish. It was being shouted in angry Swenglish on YouTube), and I did not trust my ability to understand it. So I went out and found an English-language recipe. It was terrible. It didn't work, in so many ways, and we wound up throwing the leftovers out.

Last night, I decided I really wanted to try it again, so I went back to the screaming Swedes on YouTube and watched it again and followed it how I was pretty sure he said to do it. It worked perfectly this time, except for the fact that our pans are not as no-stick as they should be, so some of it sort of just turned to mince. That was disappointing, but we have no leftovers at all, save a bit of the brown sauce, which I may just put over pasta or bread or something. Because that sauce is delicious.

I kind of want to try the other recipes now. We'll see how it all goes.

Also, I think I've worked out what to do for Christmas gifts for everyone this year. Things I can do quickly, over the span of a few days each: cheeky cross-stitch samplers and knitted scarves. I have so much yarn I am never going to use, so it can become scarves. If I'm very quick, everybody can get one of each. We'll see.